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URNE funéraire en verre soufflé noire. Patrick Primeau / Studio WelmoBlown glass red FUNERAL URN. Studio Welmo


$ 612.00$ 714.00 (CAD)

To:     ∗ celebrate life ∗ honour the memory


CUSTOMIZABLE FUNERAL URN: These single or double blown glass funeral urns meet and exceed the higher standard of the funeral industry. They are available in a choice of colours ranging from neutral to flamboyant. The Funeral urns are all decorated with a random silver foil spiral which will not be altered through time.

DOUBLE: Welmo’s classic. This flagship blown glass urn can hold a great quantity of ashes. It is thus a good choice for the inseparables.

CONVEX and CONCAVE: This sleek design of two nested funeral urns allows the possibility to present both urns side by side within the small box of the columbarium. Each blown glass funeral urn can also be presented as stand alone.

You have the option of adding a machine turned piece to the opening which allow the glass urn to be re-opened if you wish to disperse the ashes or separate them into our different keepsakes. Glass, a durable and noble material captures light and make the object shine.

Designed and handmade by the team at STUDIO WELMO creative space.

Double urn:


Concave urn:


Convex urn: