Are your clients thinking about you?

How do you thank your best clients, business partners or suppliers? Our clients choose glass objects which represent their businesses, their logos, their convictions. A small gesture which highlights your commitment towards those who make it possible for your business to grow. An object which is going to be shown off in your business partner’s offices.


From the initial drawing to the final design, we are in constant communication with our clients to make sure we understand their vision. From colour samples to desired shapes, we confirm the idea behind the object. During the creative process and until the approbation of the prototype, we adjust to make sure it is in line with the client’s wish. We can even take in charge the packaging to match your business’ colours. A turnkey gift delivered to your doorstep so you can focus on what is important to you. This way, the discovery of the custom-made object is as delightful to you as it will to the person it is made for.

Glass is the perfect material to highlight an excellent business partner.
Do not wait to contact us for your custom-made project.