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Pinte ancre de bateau. WelmoPinte ancre de bateau. Welmo


$ 75.00 (CAD)

To:    ∗ quench your thirst for the unique ∗ enjoy your favorite local micro-brewery beer ∗ identify your glass ∗ indulge yourself




Never drink out of someone else’s glass again with our personnalized pint glass. An image on the bottom lets you know which one is YOUR glass.



SKULL: what is your poison? Enjoy yourself while sipping the poison of your choice…

BOAT ANCHOR: anchor yourself… It is time to hit pause and relax.

HONEYCOMB: you are a busy bee? Make time to drink a sweet nectar out of this glass.

LINE ARROW: you are a cave diver? Securely follow your way out of the cave to quench your thirst with something exciting.

PERSONALIZED: you are a business owner? You have something special to celebrate? Why not ask us to blow a special glass just for you? Your logo, an emoji or a word to celebrate who you are. An image that  is worth a thousand words.

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10 cm x 10 cm x 20 cm (4 » x 4 » x 8 »)