Welmo attending designers and architects

The creators behind Welmo Glass Studio’s products are accomplished artists who have gained extensive knowledge and experience.

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Coeur en verre soufflé fabriqué à l'atelier de verre Welmo
Trophées en verre solide fabriqués à l'atelier de verre Welmo
Coeur en verre solide fabriqué à l'atelier de verre Welmo

Welmo’s strengths serving interior design:

  • Thorough knowledge of glass material and its every possibility.
  • Technical drawing quality control during artwork delivery and integration.
  • Standardized and controlled process.
  • Direct contact with our glass artists, Caroline Ouellette and Patrick Primeau
  • 20 years of experience in creating unique, decorative, hand-blown and cast glass objects.

Some of our Clients